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October 14, 2020

Imagine the Future Technology Design virtual interactive exhibition and livestream of work. Featuring Alison's graduation project PHY_GITAL.


January 01, 2020

My 3D production work for Roma, as part of Helsinki Fashion Week, shared on Vogue India, and Harpers Bazaar India For Bazaar link click here: To Harper's Bazaar India 

"The July edition of Helsinki Fashion Week (@helsinkifashionweekofficial) was transformed into a cyberspace with 3D fashion shows, interactive livestreams and much more via In the 7-day lineup, artisanal jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani (@romanarsinghaniofficial) showcased her first-ever digital collection virtually, Gaia." 


July 28, 2020

Presenting my projects and thoughts on digital responsibility and the future of fashion, whilst engaging with audience questions. As part of Helsinki Fashion Week's Designer in Residency live stream sessions on Twitch.
Digital Tailoring - Alison Murray
"The photographer recently explored the world of digital fashion, along with many other incredibly talented creatives, and its rise to popularity and how it merges the physical with the virtual to create a surrealistic vibe throughout his art. "

LINKED... YET CONTACT FREE: Digital/Physical Covid Editorial

May 22, 2020

Digital Tailoring - Alison Murray

"So, the question arises… how do we create a fashion story from a remote place?

Through the use of digital garments, hair and makeup tutorials, contact-free delivery providers and video call platforms, we aim to explore in this editorial an array of possibilities which enable us to produce a full edit in lockdown season. 

These are now the times of COVID-19 and we all have been experiencing the unsuspected changes our social dynamics have suffered through the new social distancing measures. This pandemic has taken lives, paused the economy and altered our lives as we know it. The way we encounter, produce and create fashion may not be the same for a long time."

"The students of the famous Dutch school collaborated with the PME Legend denim brand for an eco-sustainable fashion show....

The purpose of INDIVIDUALS for years has been to demonstrate that it is possible to create in a 100% sustainable way, by recycling the most diverse materials and following a circular model of thought, execution and final production. For this fashion show, students visited several companies to collect bioplastic coatings, discarded aircraft slides and natural dyes - as well as reusing PME stock products and redundant fabrics recovered from previous INDIVIDUALS collections....."

FASHION UNITED: Watch: Amfi's Individuals designs for PME Legend

January 23, 2020

"Individuals, the in-house studio of fashion training AMFI, has developed a collection for fashion brand PME Legend. The parties report this in a press release. The collection was presented last week.


The collection consisted of 43 items of clothing that were all sustainably designed 'with a new approach to the target group in mind'. "

 "The Closet Mass Index (CMI) is a nod to the Body Mass Index and conceived by the activist student group 'Hello-Goodbuy' from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute"

"Irremediable poison to mankind, society plagues our hearts and souls ... Antidote offered a loophole to the future and provided a brilliant image of how we behave today"

"You have to get 30 people on the same page from day 1."

Triptych ended with a spectacular show January 23rd at Het Sieraad . Film by Mellica Tiel and Tessa Klein.

AMFI: Clash Show Highlights

In the third semester the Fashion & Design students follow the course “Studio”. In the first part the students work in a team to create a new urban brand called ‘CLASH’, including the brand representation (logo use, colors, house print, etc.), based on a collaboration between The Northface and Balenciaga, Marni, Kenzo or Calvin Klein.

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