in physical fashion, we have some idea of what a sustainable textile is. e.g. does it use a lot of water or chemicals in production? but when it comes to digital textiles, there are no sustainable guidlines, there is not enough research.

I conducted experiments in the leading fashion design software CLO3D, and found out new measurements that we can base our digital fashion textiles upon.

Founding the new digital fashion care label.

Based on render times and file sizes.

As seen in digital fashion week new york, Amsterdam Digital fashion week, and tel Aviv design biennale.

9. PHY_GITAL CLO3D experiments - RAW DAT
9. PHY_GITAL CLO3D experiments - RAW DAT

initial experiment and raw results

visualisation of a digital care label with my PHY_GITAL collection.

on the 'only size that matters' podium

4. PHY_GITAL Outift 2.2 with New Care La
4. PHY_GITAL Outift 2.3 with New Care La