Lockdown '20

As coVID-19 hit and sent us into lockdown. it made me re-evaluate fashion, especially photoshoots/make-up/fittings - can this even happen in a 2-metre distant world?

I actively reached out to young professionals in all areas of work, to overcome the lockdown challenges and create fashion-forward work in the time of lockdown; and give some hope through the dark times. this resulted in 2 published editorials with the talented photographer kallan hughes.

1. LINKED... YET CONTACT FREE - 1883 magazine

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Here lies the start of a new job role: digital tailor.

I digitally created and rendered the outfits to specifically fit the real-life model and match the photo qualities.

I digitally tailored outfits from my own graduation collection Phy_gital, as well as the fabricant's ffrops outfits.

Screenshot (420).png

Process of digital tailoring:

1. create clo3d garment            2. move to position and render.          3. overlay onto base photo, match light and quality

2. Exploring digital fashion through a celestial lens - QUazar magazine

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LInked... yet contact free

digital art + fashion direction + graphic design Kay Altamira
photography Kallan Hughes
hair Carly Roberts
makeup Lan Nguyen-Grealis
digital tailoring Alison Murray
models Ariane Heloise Hughes (fit model + painter) @ Fascia ModelsMary Maguet (model) @ Youth Models and MÉTARAPH (multidisciplinary artist + designer)
special thanks to fashion PR agencies ASV COMMS + LiMiTÉE PR and digital fashion house The Fabricant

Exploring digital fashion through a celestial lens

art direction + style by kay altamira

photography by kallan hughes ft emmanuel

hmua amy elizabeth

digtial hoodies by rohbau

digital art by demencia lab

digital tailoring by alison murray

fashion pr may concepts